Fourpoints Coaching:  a collaborative partnership


1. Analysis of the situation

We assess your situation for a thorough understanding

  • Why do you need coaching now ? Clarifying your motivations to move forward
  • What is the self-talk, the interpretations, your obstacles ? Identifying what your personal stressors are, how they affect your life, work or relationships

  • What do you really want for yourself, for your life, for your work ? Understanding the deep meaning of your own situation


2. Build-up on your CORE

We clarify your strengths, resources and priorities

  • What are your natural strengths ? What support do you have ?

  • What priorities do you have ? What values guide your actions ?

  • In this phase you will build strengths and resources, learn to set better boundaries and priorities suitable for your personal response



3. Action - Plan

We define strategies and implement new practical skills in a safe and supportive environment

  • Together we will create an action plan with pragmatic steps to prioritize what really matters and start building resilience

  • You will practice things you can DO, ways you can THINK, ways you can take CARE of yourself

  • Emotional strategies - Assertiveness - Time management - Problem solving - Re-framing thinking - Modifying beliefs - Relaxation exercise - Social support - Healthy thinking strategy - Setting realistic expectations- Creative activity - Physical exercises

4. Achievements and Sustainability

We develop accountability to keep you on a solid track

  • We will define together what kind of accountability you need, what can prevent you from reaching your goals

  • What support, resource, you need to sustain the change and achieve what really matters for you


Our stimulating conversations

In French or in English

Face-to-face and/or video-call

Full e-mail support between sessions