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Helene was instrumental in helping me identify ways my perfectionism and severe inner critic was getting in the way of my work process, and gave me feedback and tools to help me take consistent action to attain my business goals. She also used diagrams to describe patterns of behaviour which I enjoyed as I am a visual person. She explained ways in which I can use different approaches and techniques to allow me to thrive in business and life, as well as encouraging me to create weekly plans in a more fun, creative manner.
— Jasper Murphy, Artist & Communications Designer, Vancouver, 2016
Meeting Helene helped me realize my true potential. I felt acknowledged and safe to share my personal story. The result of this accompanied personal work has made a profound impact in my decision-making. I am truly grateful.
— Giovanna, Translator, Washington DC, 2014
Life these days is tremendously busy. It’s hard to find a balance between husband, kids, home and work. I’m very grateful I got to work with Helene. Her understanding, ideas and great support helped me understand how I am, and to love myself the way I am. She showed me how to recognize my feelings and live with them in a better way. Thank you so much Helene.
— Paula, Chef, Toronto, 2014
While I was dealing with a big transition in my life, I used the help of Hélène through her coaching services. Over our six sessions together, she helped me build a constructive project and significantly reduced my stress level.
Her involvement before, during and after the sessions , that are extended with summary emails are a real call to action and I am grateful for the confidence and the positive energy that I have earned over our work together. Thanks Hélène !
— Claire, Theatre Programer, Vancouver, 2015
Helene coached me when I needed to plan for a productive sabbatical and regain confidence and momentum in my research and writing. Her support really made a difference for me when I was having trouble getting ready for a big conference. She kept me realistic and focused on concrete goals, was persistent and creative in helping me find solutions, and worked hard to make sure that the coaching was right for me. Even better, she helped me develop tools that I have continued to use frequently. Most importantly, she helped me realize that I needed to work within who I am. Rather than persist in planning and making expectations for some idealized and unrealistic version of who I wanted to be, Helene coached me to recognize what I can do well and to create structures that actually work.
— Shira, University Tutor, B.C., 2015
I worked with Helene for coaching support to help me navigate an important career decision and make some changes in my daily routines. I found her warmth, enthusiasm, excellent listening skills, ability to attune to my experience and ‘get me,’ and her ability to ‘think outside the box’ an excellent fit. In our six sessions together, she helped move my thinking and awareness to a new level and more importantly, encouraged me to become more concrete and clear in my action steps. Helene consistently provided me with experiential tools and resources that I worked with during and between sessions, as well as, post session emails which summarized our work and highlighted next steps. These communications were encouraging, upbeat, and always included a nugget of wisdom. I left each coaching session feeling inspired and with greater clarity about making concrete changes in my life.
— Michele, Registered Psychologist, Vancouver, 2016
En seulement 6 sessions de coaching, Hélène a réussi à comprendre mon mode de fonctionnement, mes blocages pour avancer. Ses capacités d’écoute, de compréhension et ses qualités humaines m’ont tout de suite mis en confiance. Hélène m’a apporté des outils concrets qui m’aide au quotidien et une mise en perspective éclairante de ma façon d’agir et de penser. Merci Hélène pour ton accompagnement et ta disponibilité pendant les séances et en dehors des séances de coaching. Merci pour tout ce que tu m’as apporté.
— Carine, Vancouver, 2016
I attended an amazing presentation given by Helene not long ago. I thought I knew everything there is to know about stress related subjects but I had to admit I actually learnt a lot about stress in this lecture. The angle was new, very practical and well illustrated with common daily situations we could relate to.
— Carine, Interior Designer, Vancouver, 2015
Working with Helene is like going on an inner journey of self growth, with very concrete results. She helps her clients seek their Truth with kindness. Her vast and diverse experience, combined with her competency in coaching, allows her to employ a myriad of tools that deepen the impact of the client’s intention and actions. Whether you value creativity, or more structure, Helene guides you to a place where you can easily access these gifts with more balance. I have started seeing myself in a new light, and have more hope, and confidence, as I create a life of more wholeness. No matter what you choose to focus on during your sessions, you will always leave with the feeling that you are one step closer to your home.
— Nihan, Educational workshop facilitator & Community theatre, Vancouver, 2016
Helene accompanied me for 5 months in 2015, while I was wondering what could become my new professional life after a 5 years break due to the “mother duties”. She was fully invested and involved in my project, she never gave up and never forgot every single thing you could say or do. She listens to you with a full attention and takes the liberty of being intrusive enough to lead you to your deep truth and sincerity. She is an endless source of ideas and she is very creative to find the right tools that can help you. She is very humanistic, energetic, pragmatic and realistic.
— Isabelle, Project Manager, Vancouver, 2015
Au nom de l’Association francophone de Surrey, je tiens à remercier Hélène Morizur pour son atelier sur la gestion du stress en situation interculturelle qui a été offert à l’occasion de la Journée d’accueil des nouveaux arrivants. Tous les participants ont apprécié cette activité riche de contenu qui s’est déroulée dans une atmosphère conviviale et chaleureuse. Merci beaucoup Hélène!
— France, Executive Director, Association Francophone, Surrey, 2015
I was impressed by Helene’s breadth of knowledge and personal experiences. She was very well prepared for the workshop and I enjoyed it very much.
— Audrea, Medical Student, Vancouver, 2016
Cette formation très complète est faite dans un cadre très relax, vrai et drôle par moment. Helene parle des vraies choses et personne n’est parfait, même les spécialistes. Elle redonne aux parents le droit de se faire confiance.
— Karine, Vancouver, 2016
Cette formation sur l’autorité bien comprise rassure beaucoup et renforce l’idée qu’un cadre est indispensable pour faire grandir son enfant. Beaucoup d’expériences vécues sont citées par Helene. Très bonne conférence.
— Augustin, Vancouver, 2016
Hélène m’a donné les clefs pour être autonome dans mes réflexions au quotidien. Etre dans une réflexion constructive et non plus à ‘tourner en rond dans “la mélasse”.
Grâce à des outils concrets, Helene m’a aidé à structurer ma pensée en distinguant les faits, mes pensées, mes sentiments/émotions, mes envies. Elle a mis de l’ordre dans tout ça.
— Karine, teacher, Latvjia, 2016